Coral Lakes 2024 Touch of Class

2023 TOC Show Series
Tickets are available at the box office as a package for $90.
Below is information on each show, as well as the date on which the show occurs.
Pop to Opera
Pop to Opera is a full-staged production of gorgeous music, beautiful dance, and high-energy theatrics, featuring Andrea Garofalo & Friends. First Place Winner of the CHIN Classical Music Awards, Andrea was enlisted in The Sistine Chapel Choir at The Vatican in Rome. Pop to Opera includes a variety of musical styles: Pop, Folk, Classical, & Broadway. Songs performed in English, Italian, French, Yiddish & Hebrew! 
Saturday, February 18, 2024 at 8:00 pm
Kol Esperanza
Kol Esperanza (Voice of Hope) is an exciting operatic/pop production, featuring Nimrod Grinboim, Nadav Inbar, and Omer Shaish, under the Musical Direction of Tomer Adaddi. Tomer is a Co1nposer/Arranger/Conductor, who for this exclusive arrangement added the angelic voices of the soprano duo, Lev Voce — Betty Lipska and Shai Terry. These world-class singers perform the best of Opera, Broadway, Pop, Jewish, and Israeli favorites with talent, power, and charm! 
 Saturday, March 9, 2024 at 8:00 pm 
Neil Berg's Rock ' Roll
Neil Berg is the Composer/Co-Lyricist of the HENRY award-winning, Broadway-bound Musical, THE 12. Written with Pulitzer Prize/Tony-winning Playwright, Robert Schenkkan. Berg composed Grumpy Old Men: The Musical, as well as Neil Berg's 100 Years of Broadway, Neil Berg's Pianomen, and now Neil Berg's 50 Years of Rock & Roll — always top-notch, come out to enjoy this vibrant show on our CL Stage! 
Friday, March 15, 2023 at 8:00 pm 
Show Series - Package Information 
•    Groups of 1, 2 or 3 people will be accommodated. You must provide ONE check for the group in order to be seated together.
•    In order for 2 groups to combine, they must still submit as smaller groups (per above) and will be assigned separate appointment times. The group with the earlier time will forfeit their selection time and attend the later of the two times. At that time, both groups may select all seats together. This must be pre-arranged with the box office.
•    We do not offer special seating for the hearing impaired. Please see the front desk for information about our Hearing System.
•    Last day for applications for both packages is 4:00 PM Wednesday, September 6. Applications received after the deadline will be held for possible seating after seat selection. Lottery results will be posted by Thursday, September 8 by 4:00 PM. Seat selection is September 12 & 13 for A Touch of Class and October 3 & 4 for the 2023 Show Series.
•    If you cannot attend your appointment, you may give a note to a friend or neighbor giving them permission to select for you. The note must be signed by you and presented AT YOUR APPOINTMENT TIME. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO SELECT YOUR SEATS.
How Does the Lottery Work?
At 4:00 PM on deadline day, all the applicants are entered into a spreadsheet. Each name is assigned a random number generated by the computer. Names are sorted by that number. The result is the order of appointments for seat selection. This list is then posted in the clubhouse lobby. It is the resident's responsibility to come in and get their appointments. Please do not ask the front desk or other staff to get your appointment for you! Each appointment is listed in a 15 minute time slot. There will be about six others in this time slot as well. If you arrive at the time of your appointment, you shouldn't be here more than 15 minutes. Names are called in order of the list. We will not and cannot take names out of order as this would jeopardize the integrity of the lottery. Once your name is called, you will come to the box office window and select your seats.
Our lottery is designed to be fair to everyone, whether new or longtime residents. Every year, everyone who enters the lottery has the potential to get great seats. We hope this is your year! 
Handicapped Seating Policies 
Ambulatory handicapped persons will be seated in wheelchair seats or on out­side aisles nearest the exits. Visually handicapped individuals will be seated in the first three rows. People who select handicapped seating will only be able to select seats from the allotted seats for that handicap, all other seating is reserved for non-handicapped individuals.